Monday, October 29, 2007

Science Fair Tips

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Doing Your Own Thing?
For when you create your own original science fair project.

·Look at the ebook. It will take you through all the steps of doing your science fair project with an easy guide.

· What are the 1st steps you must take to do successful science projects.

· A smart detective follows a very organized procedure? Here is a unique timeline to keep you on track so you completed it on time without feeling stressed.

· How to come up with ideas, first by choosing a category and then a topic.

· Follow the 6-steps of the scientific method for kids with details of each step in sequential order.

· See what specific information must be included in your written report? What are abstracts and how do you write one?

· Did you know that your display board is the first impression the judges have of all your efforts? Here are the details of what makes an outstanding display board. Learn how to make a display board.

· Find out Detective ThinkMore's secrets on how to do an oral presentation .

· Get the inside scoop on how science fair judges think. It's powerful to know what to expect from the judges.

· Well, it is the Big Day... the day of the your School's Fair. Last minute tips on how to dress, what to bring and what to do.

· Get ideas, topic, projects and more by joining our Free Science Fair Enthusiasts Newsletter today!

. Why not enter our free contest and win a prize?

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