Monday, September 15, 2008

Ahhh The Sweet Smell of Science Fair

Well its that time of year again and this year I am going to make a cubesat. A cubesat is a 10x10 cube-shaped satellite. I am going to attempt to figure out how to make a fully functional version of one. The only downside is that I will not be able to actually launch it into orbit because I do not have the funds for it.


Rich said...

way to go Bryan,
start early and do an excellent job.
we are proud of you.
Dad & Mom

Sandy Fewell said...

Hey, Bryan! You tasted the wonderful sweet smell of success last year in your project and nothing can stop you now if you keep your focus sharp, your determination strong, and who knows---maybe somehow you can launch that satellite---God knows no end to possibility!!! We love you and pray God will be with you all the way! Nana and Papa