Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting Up Again

Starting up late this year. This year I'm build two FemptoSats that will transmit between each other via lasers. So far I ordered the lasers and an Arduino, and am working on learning the Arduino programing language. The design I'm working on is, have a laser point into a prism, that will split the beam in two, have one of the beams go off to the side and hit a mirror and have the other beam continue strait. The mirror, that the second beam is hitting, is attached to a piezoelectric block. This can be altered using the Arduino. I will send a message to the Arduino and it will digitize it into ones and zeros which will then alter the piezoelectric block accordingly. The second beam will then reunite with the first beam, and go to the second FemptoSat. The second FemptoSat will receive the laser signal and send it to the Arduino which will translate it back. One hard thing about using lasers is that the satellites will have to be very precise and exact to hit the receiving satellite. The attitude control will be using motors from a mini-helicopter. This will give the FemptoSat full attitude control.