Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bryan's Cubesat Awards

We are so proud of Bryan!  He did very well at the Hawaii State Science and Engineering Fair, winning 7 awards!  Thanks to all of you who supported him with encouragement, prayers, cash, equipment and advice.  You share in his success!

Air Force Association - 1st place (field of aerospace sciences), $250 + certificate
Armed Forces Communication/Electronics Assoc. Hawaii - 1st place, $200 + certificate
College of Engineering, UH Manoa - Junior Award, $100 + certificate
Emergency Amateur Radio Club - 1st place, $125
Engineers & Architects of Hawaii - 1st place, $75 (bond) + certificate
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers - 1st place, $100 (+ teacher award $100)
NASA - Certificate of Outstanding Achievement (creative scientific endeavor in aerospace research) - certificate + packet of goodies

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