Monday, April 27, 2009

Coming Soon: Bryan's Cal Poly Adventure

Aloha Friends,

We had an amazing time with Bryan at the Cubesat Developers Conference at Cal Poly last weekend.  We're still unpacking and uploading photos and trying to find time to get it all written down here while it is fresh.  Don't know how we'll find the time because Bryan is still trying to catch up on missed assignments and tests and has 2 days of SAT testing this week and then we are off to New Mexico for the next adventure (Shhh... sorry, can't talk about that until we get clearance... really!)

As soon as we can get everything organized and loaded up, we'll share about all the tremendous people Bryan met and opportunities he's been offered.  I am so proud of Bryan and I have no doubt this last weekend will be an important factor as he considers his future career path!

Aloha For Now,

Bryan's Dad

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