Monday, January 26, 2009

Cubesat awarded honorable mention!

Bryan's Cubesat project was awarded an honorable mention at the Hanalani Science Fair. All the first place finishers were recommended for entry to the District Science Fair, but the judges specifically recommended Bryan's project be included as well (the only non-1st place finisher going!).

We are also pleased that the 1st place finisher in Bryan's age group is his good friend Scott. He won 1st place for a behavioral research project about the effects of mobile phone use while driving. Bryan's brother Bradley also submitted a beautiful science fair board this year about rat intelligence (his first science fair ever!)

The District Science Fair begins on February 9th.

Congratulations Bryan!

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Sandy Fewell said...

Congratulations, Bryan! Going to District again---two years in a row!!! We are very very proud of you! We know you'll do well at District, too!!! Love you, Nana and Papa