Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's Starting to Look Like A Satellite!

Bryan did a lot of work today on the physical structure of the Cubesat.  He mounted the camera, battery, power-bus board, card mounts and 4 card modules.  He also mounted the solar panels to the outside.  We had to drill a few holes in our precious frame but all went well.  We also had to make a trip to City Mill and Radioshack for some parts and mounting hardware.  We are over budget and are not allowed to spend anymore of the project this week.

It is exciting to see an actual device sitting on the table, instead just a collection of parts.

Next we have to modify the APRS board's antenna connection so that it will fit and also modify the STAMP micro-controller board so it will fit as well.  The ATV payload also needs new connectors for video and we need to figure out its antenna placement.

Looking ahead, we still have a lot of connections to make in the Cubesat, especially in regards to power.  Also the programming side of the micro-controller needs more attention.  We have lots of parts, but need to bring it all together in a unified whole program.  This is tough stuff!

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