Thursday, January 15, 2009

Four Day Weekend

Today I replaced the diode that my dad burned out.  It was pretty easy all I had to do was desolder the old one, find a new one from my parts drawer and put it in with the right polarity.

We also got a relay circuit to work.  We powered the APRS on and off using a simple relay circuit.

The combined voltage of all the solar panels if 3 were facing the sun was 1.5 volts, but 4 amps.  The battery needs 12 volts to charge.  If I used a transformer I can basically convert those amps into volts.  We used a formula to calculate how many wind on each side of the transformer we need.  It turns out I need 12 winds on one side and one on the other.  If I do this it will charge completely but will take about 12 hours to charge.

Because of hurricane like conditions tomorrow and a holiday on Monday I have a four-day weekend to work on the project.  Tomorrow I am going to be working on the program to turn all the systems on and off by command. 

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Sandy Fewell said...

Does that prove that Dad is not smarter than an 8th grader? Just kidding---glad you were able to fix the problem, Bry! Sounds like everything is going well. God was good to provide you a 4-day weekend, plus an added week. Don't forget to thank Him!!! Love you, Nana